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Hello and Welcome!


I'm Robin Doeleman, a game programmer at The Game Assembly, Malmö, and have been studying there for nearly 2 years.

During this time, studying the different aspects of Game Programming under Niklas Hansson, I've been working with themed 2-month game projects, and have been a part of different teams with up to 5 programmers and 5 artists.

The team I mainly worked with was SubPixel; there I was mostly programming the rendering pipeline and a lot of tech and tools, but also some AI and networking.

The 3D-themes were FPS, RTS and Space Shooter, and the 2D-themes were Point & Click, Shoot 'em Up, Turn Based Strategy.


During these projects and classes, I've aquired a broad set of skills:


  • C++ and OOP, as if it would be my second language.
  • 3D-Rendering, with our own "in-group" renderer using DirectX10 and HLSL.
  • Shading, such as BRDFs, Non-Photorealistic Rendering, Global Illumination, HDR, and Post-Processing like Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Bloom and SSAO.
  • Tools, as we are using our own engine, we need our own tools to create the environments, models and effects.
  • Debugging and Optimizing, with tools such as PerfHUD, Pix, V-Tune and Visual Studio.
  • AI, with anything from pathfinding to learning and planning.
  • Networking, using a client/server-architecture for our RTS.
  • Threading, used in our rendering, AI, network-simulation and input.
  • Scripting with LUA, making our code and games more interactable for artists and scripters.
  • Management, Teamwork and Methodologies, mostly using Agile-methods like SCRUM and XP-variants.



Currently, I'm working with my last project with SubPixel: a 3rd-person Hack 'n' Slash, á la Devil May Cry. I'll put up more info and screens when we've got something interesting to show! ^^











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Simon Lövgren

Edward Finke

Thomas Tedemalm

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Jill Jarlestam

Simon Persson

Adam Rosengren

Alexandra Löwendahl

Matteo Nobis Sandén


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